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Nintendo 2DS Analysis

Today Nintendo announced a 2DS handheld console. If the name 2DS didn’t give it away, this is just a variant on the existing 3DS, not a new console. This new model’s biggest difference is the lack of the 3D feature....

Comics on a Budget: Building the Foundation

We all love comics. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you love comics too. But being a comic geek has it’s ups and downs. Sure it’s great to be that person that everyone goes to for all their comic questions after ...

Talkin’ Bout Rasslin

I’m writing to you all from 15 years in the past. The Corporation led by the McMahon family has picked a young “corporate” superstar to lead sports entertainment into the future. Oh wait…it’s 2013?...


Conan the Barbarian #19

After a few issues that some might consider missteps, Brian Wood brings this title back to top form. We continue to follow both our main characters, Conan and the pirate Queen Belit. The book book begins with a flash forward t...


Review: The Golem Miniseries

The Golem is a futuristic revenge tale that overcomes it's familiar roots with complex characters and spectacular art.


X-O Manowar #16

X-O Manowar is everything that's great about comics, crazy action and awesome characters thrown into an epic landscape. Buy this book.