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Review: The Golem Miniseries

The Golem is a futuristic revenge tale that overcomes it's familiar roots with complex characters and spectacular art.


X-O Manowar #16

X-O Manowar is everything that's great about comics, crazy action and awesome characters thrown into an epic landscape. Buy this book.

Between The Pixels: The World Needs A Wonder Woman (updated)

  illiam Marston’s 1940’s creation of Wonder Woman, an Amazonian Warrior Princess born of clay to the utopian matriarchal society of Themyscira, would go on become one of the world’s most recognized and criminally mi...

Rambo Might Be Gunning Down People on TV?

“It’s over, Johnny. It’s over!” “Nothing is over!” It seems like the pop culture icon, Rambo, will continue the war, but this time on television.  The show will be co-developed by Entertainm...

Toronto Fan Expo: An Experience

Toronto’s Fan Expo is essentially the younger brother of the San Diego Comic Con. From Thursday August 22 to Sunday August 25, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is abuzz with people all across Ontario looking to be welcomed...

Geek Chasers Episode 21- What’s with the big hand??

Here’s another episode of Geek Chasers where we talk about DVD Releases (The Great Gatsby, Pain & Gain). Video Games (Final Fantasy 14, Lost Planet 3). Comics (Itty Bitty Hellboy, American Vampire Anthology, Batman In...