Paradox’s New Game Crusader Kings: Chronicles is now out on the App Store!

Posted July 21, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Video Games

Paradox Development Studio has had a busy year with two large and epic grand strategy games coming out this year: Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV. But it seems there was something a little smaller in the works as well. Crusader Kings: Chronicles was just launched onto the App Store. The game costs $4.99, and contains in app purchases. It isn’t exactly a mobile port of the PC masterpiece, but something different. Here’s the description:

Crusader Kings: Chronicles is an interactive text based game that puts you in the shoes of Guy de Rose as you make your own choices in defending the castle, riding into battle, plotting cunning plans and maybe even engaging in a bit of carnal sin!

Crusader Kings: Chronicles takes place in the middle of the war-torn borderlands, where the Scots and the Brits battle for the power and all sense of chivalry is only skin-deep.

Retold through the words of the renowned author M Harold Page you must try to save your inheritance, your life and your humble castle from the hands of a ruthless enemy knight, out to claim what your father left you.

Are you going to solve your problems with brute force, with cunning or by trying to be a better man than your adversary and appeal to his sense of honor?

Crusader Kings: Chronicles isn’t Paradox’s first attempt at bringing one of their franchises to mobile. Earlier this year saw the release of Hearts of Iron: War Stories. In a recent interview , Paradox CEO also promised bringing Europa Universalis and Stellaris to the mobile space as well. Also promised was bringing actual grand strategy games to mobiles, but those seem a lot further away from release.

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