Peter Pan Part 1 Review

Posted March 14, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Created by: Renae De Liz & Ray Dillon

Story Based on JM Barrie

There have been many versions of the Peter Pan story, from animations to movies, and even a few plays; however, there have not been many graphic novels. The beauty of Peter Pan Part 1 is that it is just that: This is a straight adaptation of the Peter and Wendy Novel by JM Barrie. It’s one of the major reasons this project is so interesting.

Ray Dillon adapts not just the parts that are cinematic or what would look good in graphic novel form, he adapts this novel word for word. It works beautifully, and Dillon manages to make sure the panels aren’t too wordy. The descriptions of Wonderland really mesh well with the art of Renae De Liz, who has previously worked on Last Unicorn and Legend of Wonder Woman. It is extremely difficult to do a direct adaptation of a book, so this book’s wild success is quite satisfying.

Previous attempt of something like this was Ender series by Marvel, but they could not do a direct adaption of it, with a lot of the parts of the book being cut off. One could say it was more of an adaptation of the movie, than the book.

What Renae here manages to do with the Peter Pan is maintain the charm of the book, and her visual flair especially, with character descriptions, and makes her a perfect artist to adapt this book. There was a lot of small things as well there were fantastic with the use of the shading, especially in Wendy’s room when Peter Pan arrives there for the first time. Another great example of that would be the first introduction of Hook, with the pirates in front of him, and Hook is sitting in a chair with just a silhouette of his character seen.

Part 1 is truly magical, with the novel being adapted so carefully and with care. Peter and Wendy was always written cinematically, but making sure that each page conveys enough information must have been a task. Renae also manages to convey the characteristics of all characters perfectly as well, with Peter is still seen as a mischievous and dangerous, Wendy adventurous, and if this was not achieved the book would have not worked at all.

Overall this first chapter is a treasure, and now it is a waiting game to see when Part 2 will come up on Kickstarter, so we can continue the adventures of a boy that never grew up!

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