PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2016

Posted March 30, 2016 by Sean Capri in Video Games

It’s time you deleted all those Big Boss selfie-screen-shots and make room for some free games! The PlayStation Blog just announced half-a-dozen free games for all your PlayStation devices (except the PSP, PSP Go, PS2, PS1…).

Zombi | PS4

The first-person shooter horror also known as ZombiU seems like a perfect PS Plus game. And nobody is 100% sure why that is…

Dead Star | PS4

PS Plus has a terrific lineup of brand new games. Dead Star is a a team-based shooter with RPG influence and joins the likes of Resogun and Rocket League as day-and-date releases on PS Plus.

The following titles will also be available in April:

I Am Alive | PS3

Savage Moon | PS3

A Virus Named Tom | PS Vita

Shutshimi | PS Vita


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