PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2017

Posted December 29, 2016 by Sean Capri in Video Games

Another year. Another set of free games for PlayStation Plus members thanks to a lovely announcement from the PlayStation Blog.

Day of The Tentacle Remastered, PS4 (Cross Buy with PS Vita)

This War of Mine: The Little Ones, PS4

Our reviewThis War Of Mine finally showed me this gigantic, yet often overlooked side of our species — our compassion, our empathy.

Blazerush, PS3

Our reviewBlazeRush hearkens back to the racing games I grew up on, like Micro Machines and Rock N’ Roll Racing. BlazeRush’s top down racing is quite entertaining in groups, but a few things, chiefly an iffy camera prevent it from being great.

The Swindle, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS Vita)

Azkend 2, PS Vita

Titan Souls, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)

Our reviewTitan Souls is a good game that makes you a better gamer for it. It is quite clear that Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus are huge influences to the game but Titan Souls is still its own.

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