PlayStation Vue Could Be A Gamechanger

Posted November 13, 2014 by Ryan Campbell in Nerdy Bits


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Any new service needs time. If we all think back far enough we can remember when Netflix was disc based mail orders with a very small amount of direct to TV sequels and movies that bombed in the theaters available online. Fast forward and they are one of the biggest entertainment entities in the industry producing their own series and movies. With the announcement today that Sony is getting into the digital streaming business cord cutters like me are seeing the first big step into a true one stop shop alternative to satellite and cable packages. For me it simply became to expensive to keep up with Direct Tvs ability to find new ways to drain me for money. From fees for HD, fees for every box in my home and any other fee you could think of my satellite bill quickly became one of the biggest in my home. So it was with a heavy heart I cut the cord and relied on over the air TV and other streaming services to get my fix. As a sports fan that was a bitter pill to swallow and as a wrestling fan it was a very bitter pill to swallow. I enjoy my streaming options but there is just something about browsing the guide and finding something to watch, something about live TV that sitting on Netflix and Hulu menus not finding anything to watch just can’t touch.

When the new generation of video game consoles emerged there was a thought in the back of my head that this could be a perfect marriage. Xbox one somewhat laid the groundwork with the integration of TV elements but that still did me no good as it was reliant on piggybacking off a cable or satellite box, we were not there yet. Slowly news would come out of individual networks coming out with streaming apps, CBS and HBO both of which announced apps that could be accessed independent of any provider. A few months back there were rumors of a Viacom and Sony deal to bring a on demand app for their networks to PlayStation. These all were steps but still presented the clunkiness of multiple apps and most of all multiple accounts and bills, but we were getting closer. Today I feel we are closer to that goal than ever before.

As I mentioned before a new service will need time to grow, which leaves me not to worried about the channel offerings or other services available now. The two missing conglomerates of Turner and Disney are largely absent in the other streaming services as well. Turner is reluctant to offer any of its shows on Hulu or Netflix so Falling Skies and other TNT dramas are no where on third party services. Disney as well offers its own apps in Watch ESPN, Watch ABC, Watch Disney and so on. These two have no reason to jump on board just yet but if the adoption is up and the money is there they will come on board soon enough.

As for the availability it seems to mirror Sonys other services, start on PlayStation, spread to iOS and other mobile platforms then probably smart tvs and then everywhere else. With Sony being rather strapped for cash this type of method ensures they don’t need to overspend for availability and can grow the service at home before sending it out into the world.

There are concerns that live TV streaming over the Internet can be asking for trouble but it seems with all these services coming out for various sports like ESPN, NFL Now, NBA League Pass, MLB and even WWE Network we just about have the Live event streaming thing down. As a huge wrestling fan the WWE Network was a god send but even I was worried what would happen when millions (and millions) of fans hopped on at once for Wrestlemania and the stream held remarkably swell, and this was on my PS4. This also for the first time could bring sports into the live streaming network world. Previously even on direct TVs live steaming app NFL and other sports are blacked out since they want you to use their at home apps. If this is truly live and we get NFL games and other sports on their respective networks one of the huge things holding potential cable cutters back is off the table. Plus for me WWE Monday Night Raw on the USA network is available streaming for the first time as it isn’t even available streaming on the WWE Network.

The price as with any service will be key and I can’t really put my finger on what exactly I would consider at this point but I’m willing to bet it will be drastically below what I was paying for my Direct TV and if this can get to the point with its 28 day DVR saving that I don’t need HULU anymore well that’s a plus.

We also havnt even touched on the possibilities this presents Sony when pitching the PS4. This now truly can become the all in one box the Xbox one so desperately wanted to be. If this app could translate to PlayStation TV your only $99 from having this service and essentially the PS4 in whatever room you wanted. The app for iOS and android also presents the ability to truly have your TV schedule and live networks everywhere you go. Comcast and other cable providers have tried it but the spottiness of some channels being locked and some channels not opting in has yet to truly deliver on the dream of live TV anywhere.

Much of what I speak on is potential but it is exciting potential. So give it time I know patience isn’t our strongest virtue especially in the gaming world but this service has real potential to cause an uproar to the satellite and cable conglomerates draining us of every penny but it will need time to develop and if what we have to start holds up I think it’s a pretty exciting start that I can be on board for.

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