Princess Ugg #3 Review

Posted August 15, 2014 by Kristina Poffenroth in Comic Books

Written by: Ted Naifeh

Art by: Ted Naifeh

Publisher: Oni Press

In my review of Princess Ugg #2, I talked a lot about the female characters in the comic falling a little short of my expectations. The issue ended with hope for some excitement, and the third issue of Princess Ugg has started to resolve a lot of the problems I had when I read the last issue.

Princess Ugg #3_Page_03 While trying to sneak out of Princess finishing school, Ülga runs in to her history professor and ends up telling him how she came to the school in the first place. Her mother was a warrior who ultimately left Ülga with the task of trying to find a more peaceful way of solving the kingdom’s problems. The story feels fresh, and it seems like an appropriate origin story for any hero, male or female. Naifeh gives Princess Ugg a depth we haven’t yet seen, and he does it well.

Telling the professor her story ends up benefiting her. The professor gives her sound advice and offers to help her on her quest to bring diplomacy to her kingdom. Her first tasks are daunting: remedial literacy classes and befriending her cruel roommate Lady Julifer.

The dialogue in this comic is always so great. Even if there have been some missteps in some of the characterizations, the dialogue has always made me laugh. Something about princesses saying “Burned!” and “Oh snap!” just tickles me. The humor becomes a little more situational in the second half of this issue, with Princess Ülga and Lady Julifer getting their butts kicked by Julifer’s unicorn. Moments like these start to move Julifer beyond the stereotype of a shallow, vapid girl and into the realm of “real character.” It’s becoming apparent that many characters are getting tired of Julifer’s constant judgment and overwhelming fakeness.

As always, the art in this issue is fantastic. Naifeh really turned the comic around for me with this issue, and I am excited to see where it is going next.

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