Quantum And Woody #12 Review

Posted July 7, 2014 by Alexander Handziuk in Movies

Written by: James Asmus

Art by: Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson, & Joseph Cooper

Publisher: Valiant

If there is one thing that can be said about Quantum and Woody as a comic book it’s that it’s funny. Scratch that it’s hilarious and is often the funniest book on the shelves month in month out. Quantum and Woody #12 continues this trend and even more impressively while having three artists on.

The issue picks up with our heroes trapped in the evil clutches of the E.R.A (Edison`s Radical Acquisitions) and arguing as always. Their interactions are easily one of the best and funniest in all of comics.

There were two major plot points revealed in this issue. The second biggest one being when Woody and Quantum learn what readers have known for a while. That their dad`s mind lives in their pet goat. But as it turns out the goat father only has memory from 17 year prior. So as much as the goat is their dad, he is their younger less knowledgeable dad. It sets up a cool dynamic and adds another twist to the Quantum and Woody mythos.
But the biggest reveal which happens as the bad guys are teleporting away in defeat, at least in the opinion of this humble reviewer, is that Goat dad is actually a girl goat and kind of pregnant. Honestly there’s not much more explaining to be done. The dude/not dude is pregnant and all that is certain is that hilarity is going to ensue.

The art for the most part is solid, if not unspectacular. There are a few instances in which characters, especially Woody, are drawn at weird angles. I will say that the art would probably gain more scrutiny if not for Asmus`s hilarious meta commentary on it. I`m not going to spoil it but it’s easily the highlight of the book. Joseph Cooper’s comic within a comic is the real standout art wise, as it really captures the Little Archie esque feel.
Also the background workers were great and had three or four really funny one liners. Here’s hoping that they stick around somehow.

All in all Quantum and Woody #12 is a great book. It’s hilarious, ridiculous and lots of fun. It leads into its crossover with Archer and Armstrong on a high note and I for one cannot wait to see the two sides interact. One things for sure, it’s gonna be hilarious.

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