Quantum and Woody Must Die #1 Review

Posted January 29, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Nerdy Bits

Written by: James Asmus

Art By: Steve Lieber & Dave Lanphear

Publisher: Valiant

James Asmus knows how to write funny comics and Quantum and Woody has been hilarious under Asmus’ guiding pen. With Quantum and Woody Must Die #1, Asmus’ run of hilarity continues although it is easily his weakest Quantum and Woody tale to date.

For those who have read Asmus’ original Quantum and Woody series as well as the recent special, this new start reads more like a continuation. That being said there is enough in this issue for new readers and it does an effective job of introducing the characters of Quantum and Woody and what they are all about. Also there are a number of very funny moments in this book, although it seems less then one would usually expect to find in an Asmus written Quantum and Woody tale.

Steve Lieber’s art is solid and he draws comedy as well as anyone in the industry. His art for the most part is fluid and he really shines during the various action scenes. The one place where he struggles in in his portrayal of Quantum and Woody as their expressions are a little off throughout the book.

The real star of the issue is Dave Lanphear as his lettering adds a significant amount of comedy to the book. The amount of different lettering styles in this book is simply astounding and this is easily one the best use of lettering that I have ever seen in a single issue.

Quantum and Woody Must Die #1 is a solid if unspectacular start to what promises to be an entertaining miniseries. The jokes are plentiful, the art is solid and the lettering is fantastic and this bodes well for the future of this series and that of Quantum and Woody.

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