Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 10-6-2017

Posted October 6, 2017 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Holy fucking shit this week has been a holy fucking shitshow. I wasn’t even going to do this, but the guy that runs the site was all “Hey Chad, everyone loves your drunken insightful insights on comic books, you need to write one but get drunk first or it doesn’t count!” and who am I to say no to that? I mean, he won’t read this, so I can put as many words into his dumb mouth as I want. He also said that Game of Thrones is terrible, The Big Bang Theory is the best show ever, and that [redacted] should [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] in [redacted]. Yeah, I’m just as offended as you are!

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Gosh I feel like a shameless shill.

Let’s talk comics!

Batman #32

The war of jokes and riddles is over, and it’s a fuckdamn mess. No one is surprised. We have Batman putting his head into his hands as he tells his love his darkest secret, and then the sound fx are alll “POW POW POW POW POW!” I feel like we’re missing some BIFFS and BAFFS! It’s stupid and not in a good way, and of course Batman talks and ruins what few good moments there are. It sucks too, because I like the ideas behind this book, but the execution is a muddy mess. The book wants to be silly, but Batman won’t let it be. It can’t be serious though, because it’s silly.

Motor Crush #7

Holy shit, when did Motor Crush get good? (The answer is issue #6.) So I’m fucking loving where this crazy, dystopian YA book is going! There’s a ton of neat world building, excellent artwork, some love triangles, and a plethora of shit hitting the fan. It’s basically every stake being raised to kill a vampire, but there are no vampires…yet? I’m down for vampires. But yeah, this book is a ton of fun now, and honestly, it was a bit of fun prior. I’m thinking it’s worth picking up; I’m having a blast. Also, it’s LGBTQ friendly which is nice to see. I want more YA stuff that is.

Black Hammer #13

Yeah this came out last week but fuck off. It’s good. It’s really, really, really good. This is the best superhero comic out right now.

Warframe #1

It’s a shitty tie-in to a video game. That means the words are all bad but the artwork is bloody brilliant. I honestly didn’t know this was a video game tie-in going in or I wouldn’t have read it, but even then, there are some nice ideas here. I like the factions and the action and whatnot. It just does that thing that most tie-ins do: Drown the artwork in unnecessary dialogue. Remove half the words and this would have been a neat scifi romp. Or rather, the start to one.

Batman: The White Knight #1

This thing is surprisingly good! It beats you over the head as a deconstruction of Batman/The Joker, but the artwork is solid and the dialogue is too. There are some fun ideas here, and yeah, I’m on board. I don’t normally say that about Batman because he sucks. But this, this is about The Joker being cured, and I’ll fux with that. Also, did I mention the artwork is really, really good?

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