Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 12-29-2017

Posted December 29, 2017 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a QROSC, but since it’s the last Friday of the year, I figure I should at least try. Part of me would rather talk about that than the actual comics, which range from good to middling, because at this point, I’ve talked about so many comics that I have little left to say. Even the really new stuff–it’s just stuff. Good, bad, it’s all stuff. I think I read too many comic books and don’t drink enough. Both of those problems are fixable, but I’m not sure what the outcome would look like.

Whatever the case, I hope you have a happy new year. Now let’s talk some comics.

Doomsday Clock #2

I’m no Watchmen purist by any means, having only seen the movie, but even from that stilted perspective, I feel like this book is just shitting all over everything Watchmen set out to do. The story itself is largely inoffensive and boring. There’s some time jumping and Rorschach talks with Batman. Cool, I guess. I recently saw Lego Batman and think he’s my new favorite Batman. I wish Rorschach would talk to that one. There was humor to the edginess; there was a point to it. Evil banker man calling a receptionist ugly and retarded because she can’t handle a stickup via super villains? Yeah, nothing of value to that edginess. It’s just edgy. Everyone in this book deserves better.

Motorcrush #9

We’re still on the “Motorcrush is now really fun” train, and it’s chuggin’ along pretty well. The issue’s fairly typical, what with big action, jokes, and comedy third thing, but it’s still enjoyable. The artwork is nice, the characters are nice, and of course #10 is going to be some big arc-ending payoff. As a pre-climax issue goes, this one does everything it needs to quite well.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game #4

I’ve come to realize that while the writing in The Fame Game has been perfectly fine for these last four issues, I really don’t care much for Kaydon. At first she was interesting, this high school girl being used by big-wig Hollywood agents in some really gross ways, but four issues in, and nothing much has changed. Yeah Kaydon came to her senses to a point, and yeah some neat stuff happened, but ultimately, there’s just not enough to her to keep me really captivated. Certainly the monster stopped being interesting a good issue ago. This issue was fine, but Kaydon is no Farrah. I hope the third and final arc is better, but if it isn’t, the first one still exists and is exceptional. I found our silver lining.

Underwinter: Field of Feathers #3

Underwinter: Field of Feathers suffers a bit of the same problem as Glitterbomb: arc two isn’t quite as captivating as the first. The thing with Underwinter is I’m still very engaged and on board. I like the smallness to the story, how there’s this big, bombastic shit going off in the background but we focus on a dad kidnapping his kids from his wife (or ex wife). Magic is involved, and surrealist horror is too, but really, it’s this strange, slow story about a broken family. It’s also fucking gorgeous to look at. I’m really excited to snag the trade for this, because I think it’ll read much better in one or two long sittings instead of four or five months.

Bonehead #1

It’s a Top Cow book, so I gave it like six pages and when the first fuckbomb was censored, I knew there was no reason to keep going.

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