Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 3-16-18

Posted March 16, 2018 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these drunk, though I’m at that point where I’m less drunk and more stuffing my face with Ritz crackers in an attempt to soak up the booze. Or I would be if my roommate hadn’t eaten most of the Ritz crackers. There are like six left. Let’s all take a moment to give him a collective “fuck off, sir” for being an ignoble swine. While we’re at it, let’s all give Ritz a salute for making an excellent cracker. I mean, it’s a perfect cracker in every bite. The right amount of cracker with the right amount of cracker. You can’t go wrong!

Human advancement at its finest.

Now, comics.

Atlas & Axis #3

I’m at a point where I guess this isn’t a kid’s book but a regular book with a strange aesthetic. I like it, but I also don’t know who it’s for. Furries? Maybe. This issue plays half epilogue to the last one and half prologue to the next arc, which is fine business, even if it feels a bit ramshackle for the effort. We get a lesson on evolution, which is fun, and a biblical lesson, which is also fun. It’s strange though, because neither really do much for world building. Yeah the conversation drives the plot, but it’s a lot of page space for that. It’s not interesting. The rest is…the rest. This is a comic that is always itself and make no matter about that!

No one with a Bullet #5

The problem with this book is I generally don’t remember what happened in the last issue, even if I find the current issue compelling. I liked this one. It’s good stuff. I read it like four days ago and hardly remember what happened, but I remember really liking it! I look forward to the trade, because this thing really needs to be read as a trade. Now, that’s all back-handed compliments, so I’ll end with this: The last two pages are fucking horrifying. Just the most visceral fucked up shit I’ve seen in awhile. Worth it for that. (But the comic is good; I’m just drunk.)

Eternity Girl #1

There was an issue of Sandman that did this plot but better. The rest is a lot of good ideas with execution that feels muddy. It’s a ton of writing and not enough payoff, and I just can’t not think of that issue of Sandman where it was done better.

Infidel #1

Let’s just forget the politics for a bit, because I’m in no state of mind to touch on them. This is a horror book, and I suppose the first few pages are horrifying…or they would be if most of the text were gone. Why must this be a thing? Every goddamn time I find something cool it’s text, text, and more text. It’s not very scary. The politics kinda gets in the way, even though it’s handled well and not a problem. The title kind of kills it. I guess the book is fine. There are neat things and dumb things and it all amounts to fucking fine. I can’t even because it’s a #1 and that number is an odd number.

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