Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 8-11-17

Posted August 11, 2017 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

So I’m trying something different this week in that I’m pretty sober and also typing pretty slowly. It’s slow reviews of thoughtful comics, but not really. There are only so many fucks to go around regardless of my mental state. Thankfully this was a strong week for comics.

However, first we must talk about ice cream. It’s awesome. I’ve been eating this chocolate flagellate with Hershey’s peanut butter cups in it, and it’s bloody brilliant is what it is. I figure people should know they make ice cream with Hershey’s peanut butter cups in it. Some regular ol’ chocolate swirls up in there too. I’m honestly not sure why anyone cares about comics when such a delight exists in the world.

Now, onto comics!

Jack Kirby 100 and the who gives a fuck

I’m told the only reason anyone should care about this comic is that it’s a tribute to Jack Kirby, whoever that is. I don’t know. Don’t care. I’m trying to read this, really giving it the ol’ college try, and I just can’t. 11 pages in, and it’s a very strange, diverging mess of people and maybe plots. World War II is on, and that’s about all I got other than there are some Newsboys doing some Newsboy things. I think the dialogue is smartly written, but since I don’t give a rat’s juggling toss of knobheads, I’m maybe reading too much into it.

Kill or Be Killed #11

This book is fucking spectacular. What’s really awesome about this issue is that it brings it all back to #1, when Dylan is in the shit and shooting up some bad guys. He even calls attention to that. He’s really a brilliant narrative device, and the little twists and turns we get here in conjunction with his unreliable narrator status really conjure up some awesome questions. He’s now calling himself a badass when really he’s a cheap vigilante that can’t afford a costume. I love listening to him though. He’s like that bad friend we all have egging us on to do something stupid, but in this case “stupid” is “murdering Russian mobsters.”

Mister Miracle #1

I think…I think this book is [Darkseid is] really, really smart. It’s got unreliability on its side, with lots of shifting parts that all equate to the same plot. It moves at an [Darkseid is] interesting clip, bombarding the reader with information that doesn’t always feel necessary until you realize there’s a trigger. I don’t entirely know [Darkseid is] what that trigger is yet, but it’s there. Method lies within the madness. I’d complain about the [Darkseid is] nine-panel layouts, but the artwork and writing makes them work way better than they have any right to. Basically, it gives me mad Underwinter vibes, so it’s awesome. I really hope the quality continues going forward as I’d [Darksied is] love to find a Tom King story [Darkseid is] I enjoy.

Redlands #1

Remember how I’ve said that swearing is an art form? Redlands fucking sucks at art. There’s so much godawful gratuitous cursing in here–every woman save one is called a bitch–that it’s hard to read. Like, can we all please just stop and read an issue of Rat Queens for research? It’s not hard. You make it believable. I’d complain about the story but it was stupid, and the artwork is a bit hit or miss. The backgrounds and lighting are amazing, but the people are ugly. I might check out the next issue just to see where the cliffhanger goes, but I also might not. I’m a fickle bitch (proper use of cursing there).

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #57

It’s delightfully mediocre. The plot is fine (Pinkie Pie gets sucked into Discord’s home world and takes over), and the writing is pretty strong throughout. Discord’s voice is thick in every word he speaks. The problem is, it’s a one-shot and it feels like one. A lot happens in a short amount of space, and that leaves the whole thing feeling claustrophobic. The ending isn’t great either. However, as an MLP:FiM comic, it’s not a bad read, and a one-shot means you don’t need to commit to anything. I had some fun with it, though it could have been better. That’s a step above Season 7 of the show!

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