Posted August 16, 2018 by Andrew Semicek in Video Games

Welcome to Quick Time Reviews (or QTR for short!). On these posts a We The Nerdy member reviews the first few hours of a game to determine if it’s worth your time. Games will be graded with a Yay (worth it) Meh (worth looking at via a rental or discounted price) or Nay (don’t even bother).

What’s it about:



  • Updated design on the Mega Man X series
  • Feels like the natural progression the X series may have gone if continued
  • Combat is spot on and fantastic
  • Graphics are beautiful
  • Random generated levels add extra challenge
  • Upgrades are not always permanent which adds layers to strategy


  • The “dash” button is mapped oddly by default
  • Bosses can be meh compared to prior X bosses
  • Some levels feel too long



Is it worth your time?

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