Quick Time Reviews: MyCharge Portable Chargers

Posted September 14, 2019 by Andrew Semicek in Nerdy Bits

In this special QTR, MyCharge has been kind enough to provide We The Nerdy two different portable charges, the Hub Universal charger and the RazorExtreme PD charger. Check below to see what we think!

-Charges smartphones and tablets quickly, with the RazorExtreme having a slight edge over the Hub Universal in charging speed.
-Both hold a charge for a long time and don’t take long to recharge.
-The Hub Universal comes with a built in wall plug which makes it easy to plug in and charge or to use as a extra wall charger for your device.
-The Hub universal contains a USB-C and Lightning cable built in, which makes it a great device for charging your Switch (or Switches) while on a long trip without needing another cable with you,
-The RazorExtreme holds extra charges and take a long, long time for it to drain fully, I fully charged an iPhone 8 without even losing a charge indicator on it!

-The heft of the RazorExtreme does not make it pocket friendly and adds heft in a backpack.
-Lack of a USB-C charging cable with the RazorExtreme to recharge it.

The Hub Universal start at $79.99 and the RazorExtreme PD start at $99.99. Overall these are both excellent chargers and well worth the price!

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