Rambo Might Be Gunning Down People on TV?

Posted August 26, 2013 by Pauldro in Nerdy Bits

“It’s over, Johnny. It’s over!”

“Nothing is over!”

It seems like the pop culture icon, Rambo, will continue the war, but this time on television.  The show will be co-developed by Entertainment One and NuImage.  Stallone himself is in talks to participate in the show either reprising his role as Vietnam Vet John Rambo or on a creative level.  Stallone has expressed before that he wanted to make a fifth installment in the Rambo franchise.

The Rambo franchise started with 1982’s First Blood which became a hit grossing $125,212,904 (IMDB) which in turn spawned 3 sequels. The latest Rambo film, 2008’s Rambo grossed $113,244,290 during its run at the international box office. Needless to say, the American icon has continued to stay relevant throughout the years.

Either way, a Rambo tv show sounds pretty exciting. As long as they don’t change the character much, they have a lot they could do with him. Rambo is a fascinating character psychologically as well as being entertaining to watch. With Stallone they could choose to continue after Rambo or they could choose to show John Rambo in the Green Beret days in Vietnam. They can lead up to his capture in Vietnam as well or explore the time period between Rambo II and III or even III and the last film. There’s at least 30 years of Rambo’s life not accounted for, so that should give the creators a lot of room to do things with the action icon.  The war within John Rambo isn’t over yet, and I hope it will never be.


Rambo is looking for his next war

My interest is definitely piqued. I’m a big Rambo fan, and the first VHS I owned was First Blood part II, so I definitely want to see John Rambo knifing and killing people with a bow sometime soon. I just hope with television they don’t subdue the violence that is inherent within Rambo.  What about you? Are you interested in a Rambo television series or do you think it should just stick with film? Or maybe you don’t think this franchise needs anymore adaptations. Either way leave a comment about your thoughts on John J. Rambo and how you were introduced to him.

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