Reacting to the Arrow News at Comic Con 2015

Posted July 12, 2015 by John Newby in Nerdy Bits

Comic Con has a reputation for breaking big news, and 2015’s version is no different. We have seen a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and footage of Suicide Squad. However, the most exciting news has revolved around CW’s show, Arrow.

Now that Brick and Deathstroke are currently indisposed behind bars, Arrow is in need of a new villain. Enter Damien Darhk, the baby-faced tech geek who was teased during the season three finale of Arrow. Darhk is known to be a wi-fi fiend with connections to Ra’s, but the two villains had a falling out. Oliver tried to capture Darhk while tracking Ra’s, but this move didn’t work. Oliver’s failed attempt seems to be the perfect explanation for the villain’s involvement in season four.

Of course, a new villain means a new casting announcement, and the chosen actor does not disappoint. Neal McDonough, formerly of Band of Brothers has been cast as Darhk. McDonough is known mainly for the role of Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America: the First Avenger and Agent Carter, but he has also played Green Arrow in a collection of DC animated shorts and Nightwing/the Flash in Injustice: Gods Among Us. All of these roles give McDonough a nice bit of DC credibility, and his history as a villain makes the casting choice even better.

During season three of Justified, McDonough played a fast-talking villain named Robert Quarles with a penchant for killing random residents of Kentucky. Quarles also tried to unsuccessfully start an oxycodone ring, but he became addicted while kidnapping young gentlemen for…um…nefarious purposes. After his stint on Justified, McDonough also took on a new bad guy role by playing a double agent in Red 2. Both roles showcased McDonough’s ability to play a fast-talking character that loves rocking a suit and killing people.

In my opinion, Neal McDonough is a great pick for Damien Darhk. McDonough can be both extremely ruthless or suave depending on the situation. Plus, McDonough is just a fun actor to watch, so his interactions with Stephen Amell will be very entertaining. Now, we just need Diggle to punch McDonough a few times to make a great season.


The casting announcement wasn’t the most important news to be released during Comic Con. Oliver Queen was also given a new crime-fighting outfit. If you remember, Oliver gave up his role as the Arrow before running away on a seedy vacation with Felicity Smoak. Forfeiting the hood means that Oliver won’t have his original outfit anymore, so he is in need of something a little nicer. Oliver’s new outfit was unveiled during Comic Con, and the suit is downright awesome. Instead of a bulky green outfit, Oliver is now rocking a sleeveless outfit reminiscent of the New 52 Green Arrow. Much like the comic version, the new outfit has the same arm straps and long gloves. This suit also has a lot of little pockets and straps for smoke bombs and other assorted gear.


This new season of Arrow already appears to be on the right track. The new outfit makes Oliver look cooler, and the addition of McDonough just makes the group of supervillains more diverse. Now, the only question that remains is whether or not Speedy will get a matching suit. We will find out when Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 7th.

What do you think about the big announcements? Are you as excited about McDonough as I am? Let us know in the comments.


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