Rebirth Saves DC: Green Arrow: Rebirth Sells Over 90,000 Copies

Posted June 6, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Benjamin Percy is the current author of the Green Arrow series.

Green Arrow has never been a massive franchise for DC. The last issue we have sales on is Green Arrow #51, which only sold about 21,000 copies. While #1 issues usually get a sales boost, Green Arrow selling over 90,000 copies so far is still a massive success. For a more accurate comparison, lets look at the last Green Arrow #1. This was during the New 52 reboot which was designed to increase sales and bring up less popular characters like Green Arrow to the limelight. That issue sold only 55,000 copies. For a character like Green Arrow to pull in numbers like this, we can only imagine how well Batman: Rebirth, Superman: Rebirth, and others have been selling. Bleeding Cool has reported that DC Universe Rebirth has already gone into its third printing, while all other Rebirth titles are heading for second prints.

We here at We The Nerdy gave Green Arrow: Rebirth a 9.0 and called it a “Strong return to classic Green Arrow”. A well deserved success for DC.

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