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Posted November 7, 2013 by Robert Steltenpohl in Nerdy Bits

Since today is N7 (November 7th) and it’s a day to honor Mass Effect, I thought I would take a moment and put up my top 5 favorite moments in the game. Also, we got to see the images of what could be the next game. So exciting!

The Mass Effect series has given us some of the greatest moments in gaming. It took us on a journey of Commander Shepard that we never expected. The biggest joy the story gave us was choice. From beginning to end, the gamer chose who lived and who died. So with all that said, let’s begin.


5) Garrus and Shepard hang out.

My favorite character throughout the game was, hands down, Garrus. He was the perfect soldier and the greatest friend. He always stood by you no matter what. It was great seeing him one more time before the greatest battle of the human race.

4) Thane gives his life for Shepard. 

Kai Leng was the ultimate bad guy and seemed be one up on Shepard every step of the way. He seemed to have gotten the jump on Sheperd and company. Then back up arrived. Thane, every one’s favorite assassin, stepped in to save you (the gamer.) In doing so, he gave his life for the mission to continue. If didn’t have this epic moment, you wouldn’t have been able to feel the satisfaction of killing Kai Leng and saying, “That was for Thane, you son of a …”

3) Mordin Solus dies to save the Krogan.

“Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

Once Mordin verifies that he can synthesize the genophage cure for universal krogan immunity, by process of impromptu elimination of unsuitable transmission vectors he proposes using the Shroud, a salarian facility used in repairing Tuchanka’s atmosphere, as it also contains the original genophage strain. Here he completes the process, but not before giving us a very powerful moment in the game.

2) The first taste of “the Choice” in a Mass Effect game. 

I have a friend, Ashley, who always says he could have saved them both. At the end of Mass Effect 1, you have to choose who dies. Either Ashley or Kaiden; you choose. It was tough to decide, but gave the player something that we rarely have in games, at this time in gaming. What did you choose?

1) The opening scene of Mass Effect 2 

Imagine watching this scene at 1080p on a 55 inch plasma TV. That was my first experience with it and it was one of the greatest opening scenes for any game, ever. The game was gorgeous and it completely caught us off guard by killing our favorite Shepard. Wow. It’s still so good.


What are you favorite moments? Do you agree or disagree with mine? Share down below!

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