RPG Creator for iOS Review

Posted September 27, 2016 by Spencer Birch in Video Games

Developed by: Degica Co.

Published by: Degica Co.

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Available on: iOS


RPG Creator for iOS is a really neat little game. Well game isn’t so much the right word to describe it, maybe it is more like a tool with some game elements. It is free to start and offers a $7.99 premium version which gets rid of a few scant, ads and introduces extra content. Degica, the publisher of the popular RPG Maker series has brought this game to English speaking audiences after it saw great success in the Japanese app store.

The idea of this app is to, you guessed it, create your own RPG! It is designed very much like a simplified game engine with nice UI, giving you the ability to quickly begin creating a map and add assets literally with the touch of your finger. At it’s core it is a pretty intuitive and powerful piece of software, though don’t expect all of the best features to be readily available to you up front. The app has very little in the way of help guides or tutorials and relies on the player to explore the menus and figure things out for themselves. Much of this is pretty intuitive – you can easily select a background tile set, then tap on the object layer to begin placing pre-made assets like trees or roads. The really good stuff however can be a bit tough to find in game. Much of the RPG mechanics and nuances are buried deep within menus or hidden behind knowledge walls forcing you to learn a bit of scripting to get things exactly how you want them. Don’t expect to be making the next Final Fantasy right off the bat, that will definitely force a pretty steep learning curve. RPG Creator is designed more for people who want to make a simple game with light mechanics, or a proof of concept. In this, the game excels. Within about an hour I had an overworld map set up with a small village and a few NPCs with custom dialogue. I enjoyed the process of learning the app, and once I got a few basic things setup I found that creating my little town and NPCs was quite delightful.

As with any good RPG, combat is one of the core mechanics of this game. By default RPG Creator forces you into the traditional first person perspective for battles in the vein of a Dragon Quest or Earthbound, but with some fancy scripting you have to ability to alter this. You are given a lot of free reign as far as character weapons, spells, resistances and weaknesses, but again much of the fine tuning to these will come with some coding work by the creator. The free version includes some basic sprites for your party and NPCs as well as several types of enemies that are all unique in their abilities and look. You of course have the ability to create and add your own art, sprites, music and sound effects. At it’s core, RPG Creator does a great job of helping you realize your own RPG quickly and in a very fun way!

Undeniably the best part of this game is the ability to share and download custom games created by players around the world. You can filter creations based on player reviews, date uploaded or developer recommendations which makes finding something fun quick and easy. I was able to download a few games swiftly and begin playing them right from the main menu. Most of what is there currently is in Japanese, but I suspect as the game gains traction in the west this will change. As it is now however, RPG Creator’s mechanics and world and simple enough that not being able to read dialogue is not a great detractor. You are given a virtual D Pad with a button to interact with the world, and a menu button to bring up your party screen. You can change equipment easily and view character stats, and some games that I checked out had the ability to save your progress through the menu or save points in the map. It is clear that this game is really catching on overseas as some of the more highly rated player created games are really quite deep, offering many custom sprites, loads of dialogue and some pretty interesting battles. Being the completionist that I am, I couldn’t help but spend (probably too much) time translating dialogue and found that the game enables you to create custom dialogue triggers for NPC’s and party members based on a lot of different flags thrown in the world. This was a pleasant surprise and although I was unable to figure out how to get this working during my time creating, it is nice to know that you can create a deep and very respectable game or story with just this free iOS app.

Being a free to start app, I think that RPG Creator is a no-brainer. If you have the smallest desire to create your own game or even if you are unsure if you want to dive deep into one of the more complicated game creators, then this app is perfect. It offers you a lot of features right up front that enable you to make a simple yet fun RPG of your own very quickly. Playing games by other creators is fun and easy, and many of them are full fledged RPG’s that I would expect to see as indie titles on Steam. The menus can get confusing, and many of the things you may expect to be able to do in another game creator are not easily accessible, but if you are a self learner then this will be a very fun app for you!

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