Rumble #2 Review

Posted January 23, 2015 by Josh McCullough in Comic Books

Written by: John Arcudi

Art by: James Harren

Publisher: Image

While I was very impressed with the first issue of Rumble, particularly on the artistic front, I was a little let down by how light the story was. Fortunately, this issue adds more depth to the story while still maintaining the same amount of energy and fun from the first, leading to an all round excellent comic.

This issue focuses a little more on the mysterious Butcher character and he turns out to be a pretty effective antagonist. His design is very cool and he constantly feels intimidating while interesting to watch in action. The story also gets more legs as Bobby becomes a more affective protagonist, actually wanting to figure stuff out and taking a more active role in what the Butcher wants with his friend Cooper. More characters are introduced too with each bringing some nice personality during their brief appearances in the story. It still feels like we’re being introduced gradually to these different characters and backstories, but it works pace wise. It takes a little while to recover from giant hungry mutant cats so I’m glad all this cosmic stuff is being paced out well.

Speaking of the cosmic stuff in this issue, Arcudi offers a much bigger look at the potential stuff teased in the first issue, and man is it glorious. The first two pages of the book alone completely caught me unaware with one of the most creative looking and awesome pets I’ve seen in a comic (I want one now) and it’s rendered beautifully by Harren who manages to make every creature look distinct, weird and wonderful.

The main draw of the book from the last issue still remains amidst the increased content, the fast pace and energy. Every action scene looks gorgeous thanks to Harren, everything feels fast and in motion, it’s an exaggerated style that fits the tone of the book perfectly. There’s even a more cinematic feel to this issue, while the previous issue had some great moments of scenery, this issue really focuses on expanding the story and cast so the art takes on a more intimate quality and hones in more on the events rather than the set dressing (although that still looks gorgeous). My only complaint about the fast pace however is that it means the book ends too soon. It feels just as we’ve got to grips with the strange new characters and the pieces are in place for some awesome action that everything just suddenly ends, leaving us to wait another month to read more. I guess it’s not a bad thing to be really excited for the next issue and to be left wanting more, though it feels like this series may be best read in trade.

In conclusion, this is even more impressive than the first issue and moves the story forward while maintaining that high sense of energy that I loved initially. It’s a shame that there isn’t more of this right now, but if that’s my main complaint then this must be a damn good comic. If you’re into cosmic stuff, anime or just really awesome action comics then you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

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