Sony Announces New Indie Titles Headed To Ps4, Vita

Posted April 30, 2014 by Brenton Conlan in Video Games

Today at an Indie focused press event sony has unveiled a number of new titles that will be hitting Ps4 and Vita in the near future.


Coming to Ps4 and Vita will be Axiom Verge while Ps4 will be getting versions of Escape Goat 2, Starwhal: Just the Tip, Ironclad Tactics, Apotheon, Skulls of the Shogun Bone-A-Fide Edition, Nidhogg, Jamestown Plus, Drifter, Chasm, Source and the very popular Spelunky.


Head to the Playstation Blog to check out trailers for some of these games. Heres a couple to wet your appetite.





This announcement further enforces the Playstation focus on getting as many games into the hands of its consumers as it can. It’s also a nice thing to take our minds off the fact there isn’t much on the horizon for AAA games.


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