Sony to leave the PC business, focus on mobile

Posted February 6, 2014 by David Staniusz in Tech

SONY has sold off it’s VAIO computer division to a Japanese investment fund; Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) for a undisclosed amount of money.  What this means is that SONY will stop making PC products. This is  a interesting maneuver , many believe that SONY sees that the market is dieing down and they wish to focus more on their mobile projects.

VAIO (Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer), was introduced in 1996, and SONY has grown it too prominence through the PCV desktop line. It is responsible for such products as PRO Ultrabook and VAIO Tap Hybrid. Now with JIP, VAIO’s products will pretty much be used to make computers in Japan.

This move marks an interesting change in the industry, it should be interesting to see what SONY has in store for the future.

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