Sony’s Silver Sable and Black Cat team-up movie features parallel universes, Spider-Gwen, Mr. Negative and Doc Ock

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Sony recently announced a new Venom movie which has already been scheduled for a October 2018 release. Today THR reported that a Silver Sable and Black Cat movie is also in the works. If all of this sounds similar, it’s because this isn’t the first time Sony has tried to create a Spider-Man cinematic universe. Shortly before Spider-Man joined the MCU and during the infamous Sony leaks, a multitude of upcoming projects were leaked. These included the aforementioned Silver Sable movie, an all villain Sinister Six team up, and even an Aunt May spy movie.

Since it’s been a while since the leaks and Spider-Man is now already in a cinematic universe, it’s strange to see Sony continuing on with their own universe. The Sony leaks also contained a detailed early plot for the Silver Sable movie. The THR report confirms that Lisa Joy will be writing and Black Cat will be part of the movie, these two bits of information confirm that Sony is sticking to the same plot and writer as what was leaked earlier.

So assuming everything else stayed the same as well, this is what to expect from the Sony Silver Sable movie.


Lisa Joy


The original Wild Pack

Silver Sable: writer and producer wants Rose Byrne to play her
Spider-Woman: slipped through a portal where she’s the only spider person, Gwen instead of Peter. This was written before Spider-Gwen but now with her existance and popularity I would bet on her costume looking more like Spider-Gwen instead of Spider-Woman
Black Cat: This has been reconfirmed by the THR report
Stunner: A lesser known Spider-Man character, she was Otto Octavius’s protege (Otto is also a villian in this movie)
Quentino: Only remaining member of silver’s father’s team called Wild Pack. He is described as The Rock in a wheelchair
Obax/Light Bright: somalian mutant/controls light and heat


Mr. Negative

Mr. Negative
Doc Ock

Story as described by the writer

Silver wants nothing more than to be in the Wild Pack but her father has her heading up recruiting — she’s frustrated, doesn’t realize her father is trying to teach her something about leading that she will learn later. Silver sable’s father and the wild pack are taken out early on along with spiderman by the villain (possibly Ock trying to retrieve find a alive version of his wife in a parallel universe. He starts the movie by trapping the people he expects to get in his way i.e.; spiderman, silver sable sr., will have to think of some others).

Our heroes are the ones who are left behind, those who are underestimated… Big theme of the movie. It s up to Sable to assemble her own Wild Pack and stop Mr. Negative and Ock or whoever opened the portal.When our heroes face Mr . Negative he brings out their opposite nature.

Likes the idea that when silver’s wild pack faces their first battle and are getting there asses kicked when spiderman shows up to get them out of jam. But when she takes off her mask reveal its a woman.[Spider-Woman/Spider-Gwen]

Lisa Joy’s pitch on why she wants to work on this movie:

Below would be the gist of my general statement:
As a first-generation Asian American woman and, in general, a bit of a dork, I spent much of my childhood feeling like an outsider. The superhero stories and myths I loved and continue to love the most were stories I could relate to: stories that showed how even the unlikeliest of candidates, the most overlooked and underestimated of people could surmount great odds and become heroes.

When Amy told me she wanted to tell the story of Silver Sable and her motley crew — I knew it was a chance to make the kind of movie and write the kind of heroines and heroes I’ve been waiting my whole life to see.

‘Amy’ is obviously referring to Amy Pascal, who THR has confirmed to be producing this movie.

What the film hopes to accomplish according to Lisa Joy

It’s about their character journeys — their struggles both internal and external that interest me most creatively.

We’re weaving classic heroes from the Spidey-verse into an epic modern mythology infused with fresh voices, a fresh perspective, and a villain the likes of which has never before been seen on film.

There’s also a specific idea for a scene

I was writing in New York and my parents brought Zoe an old toy of mine that inspired one of the scenes I’ve been kicking around for sable – a Barbie office that converted into a cool apartment that I loved as a kid. I imagine sable going into her walk-in closet and there are rows of shoes and bags etc but if you press a button the shelves flip and there’s throwing stars, protective gear etc. It goes from girly heaven to a badass arsenal.

An interesting tidbit, is that Sony did have some reservations with the plot of the film. They were worried that their movie might be a little too similar to the (at the time) upcoming Dr. Strange. Specifically, they were worried Marvel’s mystic adventure will also include parallel universes. Looks like their fears were well founded as Dr. Strange did end up featuring parallel universes.

There you guys have it, Sony’s Silver Sable team up movie. Obviously, a lot of this could have changed and will continue to change as the film goes through production. But from what we have seen so far, it looks like Sony and Lisa Joy are sticking to their original vision.


Source: Wikileaks 

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