Spider-Gwen #18 Review

Posted March 23, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books


Written by: Jason Latour

Art by: Robbi Rodriguez

Published by: Marvel Comics

This issue concludes the Sitting in a Tree story-line between Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales Spider-Man. This was all in all a very unusual crossover, that felt like it wanted to just to cash in on Spider-Gwen’s popularity and put her in more books. However, what it did do is give us another look at Spider-HAM! Peter Porker! So that’s a plus, I guess?

This issue is written by Jason Latour and serves as a good conclusion. It is very reminiscent of Marvel’s ‘What-If’ stories of years past.

In this issue, Spider-Gwen is on a recruiting mission, searching for assistance to fight a villain that both her and Miles were following. The best part of this issue was really the return of the “iconic” Spider-Ham, and his family. He is written very well and brings quite a bit of levity to a book that has become a little bit too serious for its own good.

The art here is done by Robbi Rodriguez, the person who has introduced us to Spider-Gwen. His art continues to be very cartoonish and really gives Gwen somewhat lighter fare, which is very much needed considering how heavy handed this story was. What I like about Rodrigeuz’ Spider-Gwen costume is again evident here. Her costume is part of her character, but is also done as a character on it’s own as well. Rodriguez’ depiction of the Spider-Ham family is handled really well again and fits within the book perfectly.

The Sitting in a Tree story was more about trying to get us care about Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales coming together as a couple, and it gave us a nice ‘what if’ story in the process. However, it became a contrived, action packed comic book instead. It could have been something more. There were moments in this arc that worked really well, however it felt disjointed at many points.

Overall Spider-Gwen #18 is really just for the completionists who have read the rest of the story. In general, however, it missed the mark of what made Spider-Gwen a popular character.

Spider-Gwen #18

Spider-Gwen #18


Final Score

6.7 /10


  • Spider-Ham
  • Miles/Spider-Gwen


  • Weak villain
  • Not enough of the relationship
  • Contrived at parts

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