Spider-Man 2099 Ongoing Series Revealed, Peter David Returning to Wrtite

Posted March 27, 2014 by Andrew Semicek in Comic Books

Newsarama has broke the news that Peter David will be returning to Miguel O’Hara’s life in the newly announced Spider-Man 2099 ongoing set to release in July later this year. David himself said he was only approached to write the series about two weeks ago and artist Will Sliney will be the artist on board. Here is a short synopsis on what to expect from the series:

The new series will start with someone attempting to “remove Miguel violently” from this timeline. After that O’Hara will be pursuing the dealers behind Spider Slayers being sold to foreign countries, as well as delving into the just announced “Spider-Verse” event this fall. But there is a broader overarching story, according to David, dealing with Liz Allen and Miguel’s grandfather, Tiberius Stone.

Some art from Sliney was also provided some preview art for the series which you can see below.


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