Spider-Man Homecoming First Official Poster!

Posted August 17, 2016 by Marshall Bruno in Movies

Look at this! The wall crawler is looking so good in this first official poster. Of note in this image are Spidey’s wrists, which clearly have Stark Tech web slingers. So cool!

If you missed Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, this is the suit we saw. It’s being said that we’ll get a new suit in the Spider-Man movie, so perhaps this is a new suit and it just looks nearly identical. At this point it’s hard to say… but who cares? Look at this! We probably can’t expect to see much more Spider-Man until next year, so let’s all revel in this image.



There are a lot of people who still think Toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield were the best Spider-Man actors, but I already feel like Holland is the true embodiment of this character. We have not yet gotten a full movie of a Spider-Man that Marvel itself has written, and this image shows us a great classic Spider-Man pose.

I’m hyped. You’re hyped. Where’s my silly string web slingers? I need them right now… for reasons.

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