Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse review

Posted December 17, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Movies

Directed by: Bob Perishetti, Peter
Ramsey and Rodney Rhotman

Written by: Phil Lord

Released: 12/14/2018

It has been a while since I have written a review due to other life obligations and such; creating my own comic book and all. This movie however; I did need to come out of self-inflicted retirement for.

Into the Spiderverse is a quintessential comic book movie. It is not only best Spider-man movie to date; it is among the best comic book movies ever made. Attention to even the smallest detail in this movie is a sheer joy to see; from Miles cell phone contact list to maybe the greatest post credit screen ever. Into the Spider-verse is a love letter to the Spider-man as the character which was never portrayed so well before in any of the liveaction movies. Yes it takes liberties with some of the plot points;but that was a consicious decision by the creators to give it just enough of a different take so it doesn’t look too familiar.

Miles’ story is very similar to Peter Parker’s in many ways but his upbringing and the environment is what makes him unique and in some sense infinitely more interesting than Parker. His relationship with his father. That is a big chunk what makes this movie work as well as it does. It is the the way the interactions between characters happen be it between Miles and Peter or Miles and Gwen or his father. Everything just clicks. 

This is also one of those movies itwould be unfair to review and not mention the animation which isunlike anything I have seen before. The mixes of different styles can be a little disconcerning at times but every style in this movie has a purpose in a specific scene. Every member of the Spider-verse cast is animated differently; from Spider-Noir that’s all black and white and almost always covered in shadow to Spid-r that is straight out of an anime. What directors and the art team have done here though is make sure that nothing is jarring and that everything has its place. That is ultimately that makes this one of the most unique animated features out there.

If there was a bad thing about the movie it would be its villains. They are pretty cookie cutter and run of the mill and even though the writers tried to give Kingpin a backstory it is never really developed other than few quick flashes here or there.

Overall if you are a fan of Spider-man stories or comic book movies or awesome animation you owe yourself to watch this movie. The little convoluted aspects of the story-line cannot stop the charm and sheer awesomeness this movie oozes from the first frame to the last. Stay for the final credits as the post-credit scene is one of the greatest in Marvel history!

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