Spiderman #14 Review

Posted March 17, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Sara Pichelli

Published by: Marvel Comics

Multiversity in the Marvel Universe is upon us!

This issue was interesting, if not just for the multiple realities that the book explores. That is both a strength and a weakness of this issue. This version of Spider-Man was a fresh take on the character from the first run, when Miles was first introduced. This issue continues the trend it’s predecessor has set, but also stumbles in its execution.

This issue is again written by Brian Michael Bendis, who has for a very long time has been a staple of Marvel Comics. He has worked on some really extraordinary titles for Marvel, and at one point I have believed that he has written every possible Marvel book in early and mid 2000’s. The Sitting in a Tree storyline is about Miles Morales teaming up with Spider-Gwen, and they form a bond, above just being a partners. The writing in this issue is adequate, however other than some fun multiverse exploration, and the surprising cameo, the main premise of the book does feel rather shallow with no real conflict.

Sara Pichelli returns for the art duty in this issue. Her style has always been very dynamic, and I can easily say it is a savior of this issue, as without it, it would be a complete mess. Her art changes with each different world they visit. This element adds a little bit of enjoyment to each world. She remains out of my favorite artists of this generation, and it’s the small things she brings to each panel which makes every book she works on really pop.

Overall this issue does feel rather shallow, and especially as it concentrated on two characters. I was kind of hoping for more character development, but for the most part it did feel like a filler chapter. That being said there were some pretty fun moments here, just not enough to course correct most of the book.

I would have to say this is a rare misfire in this Spider-Man run. This has been a really fun book, full of small intricacies, which unfortunately were all missing here. The only people I can recommend this book to would be Spider-Man completionists or those who are already invested into this story.

Spider-Man #14

Spider-Man #14


Final Score

5.0 /10


  • Some fun cameos
  • Sara Pichelli's art


  • No real resolution
  • Shallow Chapter
  • Felt like a filler toward end of the story

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