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Square Enix performed quite well for their first E3 conference, even though they spent a lot of time showing off games that were already shown at other conferences. They focused on the games, primarily Japanese RPGs, which are what make Square Enix so beloved by their fans. Although the genres of the games were not varied, the conference exceeded expectations…for the most part.

Just Cause 3

Destruction Simulator

Square Enix kicked off their conference with Just Cause 3. Avalanche Studios’ sandbox game is back and bigger than ever. Avalanche Studios put a large focus on mobility to traverse the 400 sq mile world map, introducing improvements to both the wingsuit and parachute. The wingsuit now has special challenge courses which will unlock mods and vehicles; parachutes are now more stable, so the player has the ability to wield or dual-wield weapons and rain hell from above. The grapple hook has also been updated to allow for multiple tethers and manual control of the rope tension. These new features were mostly shown in their capacity to cause destruction, which now features complex physics and unique demolitions.

The story of Just Cause 3 will take place in a fictional Mediterranean island named Medici. The player will be returning to their mother’s homeland to try to topple the dictator currently ruling with an iron fist and plans to spread his grip throughout the rest of the world. Although the story sounds incredibly similar to that of Far Cry 4, there is a lack of variety in narratives when games are so fundamentally similar. With a release date of December 1st, this game will hopefully be far enough away from Fallout 4 to avoid that stiff, stiff competition


New Nier Game

Platinum Games announced their new project, an as-of-yet untitled Nier game. There was not a lot of information shared at the conference, but more details are expected this fall. They did specifically mention that the E3 presentation was meant to give insight into the art of the game, something the original Nier was heavily criticized for.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

I’m here to kill animals… and maybe raid tombs

Microsoft’s conference already showed off Rise of the Tomb Raider prominently, thus undercutting the same reveal in Square Enix’s conference. The presentation started out with a cinematic trailer that showed a little bit of gameplay and a few environments. The game looked absolutely gorgeous, and Square decided to focus on this aspect, explaining the level of detail that was used to create Lara from the ground up. Besides that, the presentation went on to talk about the physics and the graphical nuances working together to create a truly next-gen Tomb Raider game. Another important message from the presentation was that the emphasis on tombs and exploration will definitely be present. There is still no information as to the nature of the exclusivity with Microsoft, and something tells me we’ll be waiting quite a while before we know how “exclusive” this game truly is. For the time being, though, it seems to me that Square Enix is alienating PS4 and PC fans by releasing Rise exclusively on the Xbox One. This is really unfortunate, considering the massive fanbase the Lara Croft games have on the Playstation.


Lara Croft Go

OG Lara

Fresh from the success of Hitman Go, Square Enix Montreal revealed Lara Croft Go, a mobile game that thus far appears very similar in play style to Hitman Go, albeit in jungles and other appropriately Tomb Raider-esque settings. The game features intuitive controls and captivating gameplay to ensure hours of fun for mobile gamers. This was a surprise reveal, and I was glad to see more Tomb Raider content. Additionally, the art style was definitely an homage to the original Tomb Raider games.


Final Fantasy VII Remake


Looks who’s back!

Even though we saw the same trailer at Sony’s conference, and though there has not been any information as to its release date, it was great to see Final Fantasy VII again. The trailer showed off the game’s gorgeous graphics. Square Enix officially announced that Final Fantasy 7 would be remade, but specified that this was only an announcement. The presentation did reference the PC port to PS4 that was promised last E3, and confirmed it was delayed. The iOS version is set to be out this summer, while the PS4 edition is slated for some time this winter. My question is: Who is going to buy this on PS4 with a full-on remake announced?


Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key

You thought it was Kingdom Hearts 3, didn’t you?

The best part about this announcement was that it was arguably the biggest switcheroo at E3. When the Disney logo came up, the crowd went ecstatic, expecting Kingdom Hearts 3. Instead, they got Unchained Key, essentially an adorable chibi Kingdom Hearts game focusing on an anthropomorphic cat that is tied in some way to a keyblade master. The game touts a focus on teamwork and promises to be directly connected to the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. Although the game had already been announced in Japan, the North American release has now been confirmed for Android and iOS.


Kingdom Hearts 3

You can stop crossing your fingers now…


Arguably the most awaited Square Enix announcement, Kingdom Hearts 3 had a little more revealed today, and it was very encouraging to see gameplay footage as opposed to a cinematic trailer. Tangled was confirmed as a playable world, and there were some scenes shown of Sora fighting in it. The story alludes to “Lost Masters” accused of starting the ancient keyblade war, but otherwise, not much else was shown. There is still no release window, but at least we saw some gameplay.


World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy looked like a twist on the classic JRPG genre. The game takes place in a new universe and features siblings that have the ability to change sizes to interact in the world of Grimoire, which is populated by tiny creatures. This ability allows them to ride the creatures into battle or keep them perched on their shoulders. The presentation also focused on the new gameplay mechanics of the game, with specific references to battle formations. In essence, this is another chibi-filled game that fans can sink their teeth into. It is set to release in 2016.



47 doing his Batman impression

Io Entertainment took the stage to talk about the newest Hitman game that is simply titled Hitman. The presentation, in a nutshell, explained how the Hitman series was going back to its roots. The assassinations were explained as fluid, with some assassinations only appearing once for a player.

Players will reprise their roles as Agent 47, visiting exotic locations and performing sandbox assassinations. Much like Assassin’s Creed Unity, the game is said to have a freedom to approach targets in a multitude of ways. The game looked gorgeous in the new cinematic trailer, which also showed off some gameplay between large pouts of exposition. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on Hitman, although I do not understand the significance of the assassinations that only show up once for a player.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean’s first trailer set up the game’s place in the series as a whole while the second focused on combat and the game’s incredible environments. The important takeaways from the presentation were that cutscenes were now dynamic and seamless, and that the game system was new, yet retained the essence of the series. Star Ocean: Integrity of Faithlessness is set to release in 2016.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Best augmentation? Sunglasses

Another highly anticipated game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was extremely well received by the fans at the conference and is set to better its predecessor, Human Revolution. Mankind Divided is set in 2029, two years after Human Revolution, where the chemically-augmented people are now feared and hated, resulting in a ‘mechanical apartheid.’ Adam Jensen now works for an Interpol division called Taskforce 29. He stops terrorist attacks, but is secretly a double agent who seeks to find the truth behind the Illuminati who created the Taskforce and plans to stop them.

Adam also sports new enhancements and weapons. The presentation placed a heavy emphasis on the significance of choices and their consequences. These choices influence the story and, by extension, the game’s ending.  The game is set for an early 2016 release. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks extremely promising, and the trailer reinforced my beliefs. This game looks like a lot of fun.


Project Setsuna

The last announcement of the conference was a new RPG from a new studio, Tokyo RPG Factory. The game is set to release in 2016, and the screenshots showed off some beautifully rendered environments. It was a smart move for Square to finish their conference with some new content that looks quite different from other Square Enix fare.


Well that wraps up all the announcements that we saw in the E3 2015 Square Enix conference. On the whole, they kept their fans sated, and their decision to be a part of E3 was definitely beneficial. That said, they would greatly benefit from keeping their games restricted only to their press conference at E3 next year.

So what Square Enix game are you excited about? Tell us in the comments below!



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