Star Trek Discovery: Mind Meld Menagerie

Posted October 27, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Nerdy Bits

So I have to start all of this by asking one simple question of this. WTF?!

Mind Melds in Star Trek lore are one of the most important; almost religious aspects of the Vulcan culture. They represent a strong bond between the people that meld to a point where they could be almost considered as family. It was shown as such ever since the times of Kirk and Spock and all the way to Voyager and Enterprise.

It was an event to bond to help a person almost achieve enlightenment or change a point of view. The Metaphysical event that was deeply rooted in religion. So now that Discovery is finally on the air we found out that Sarek one of the people that was so against mind melds that he was refusing to do it in his most dire of times, we find out has melded with a sort of an adopted daughter. Ok. Fine, I can swallow that. Kind of. But here’s where things get weird.

Because Michael and Sarek have melded now; they have this “Cylon” or “Replicator” type of communication capability through time and space? What? How the hell does that work? If that was a side-effect of mind melds it does seem like something that would be demanded by all captains of the Federation on the deep space assignments. But does Discovery stop there? Oh hell no it does not.

In the latest episode not only do mind melds serve as a type of long-range communication we also find out that a Matrix type of world is created in the mind that initiated a meld and you can go in and FIGHT that person for dominance? Look, I like Discovery. It has some really fun ideas and it is unlike anything I have seen on Trek in a long time if ever.

But when a shark is jumped, the jumper needs to be called out. I don’t consider myself a purist of Trek in any sense of a word but even the suspension of disbelief is a far fetch in this instant.

I do hope that the show-runners step away from this device plot as it is just in a word ridiculous.

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