Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Reveal and Reactions

Posted April 17, 2015 by Ryan Campbell in Movies

Before I was blasting across the solar system collecting engrams and vanishing the darkness, before I was stoping terrorists from starting world war 3, before I was even seeing how long I could evade the military and their tanks through the streets of pseudo New York I was playing Battlefront. Sometimes I was the out gunned out manned Rebel Alliance fighting the good fight and sometimes I was the Great Galactic Empire bringing order and justice to the galaxy. Battlefront was my first experience with any kind of team shooter. Sure it was AI controlled enemies but the idea of running around a map taking objectives and killing enemy people was introduced to me here. Believe me when I say this game holds a special place in my heart. As my hopes that the series would ever return seemed to fade ever so more I accepted the fact that I would most likely never again be a soldier in a Galaxy far far away. Cue Electronic Arts, say what you will but the decision to give me back this series will forever keep them off the “Worst Companies in America” list in my book.

So sit here with about 48 minutes to go before the reveal still fresh on a high from the stellar trailer that was released yesterday, with my hopes so sky high that this will capture what has not only been missing from the series but what has been missing from gaming in a whole, a kick-ass Star Wars game.

So what will follow below will be my live reactions followed by a wrap-up of what we’re about to see. Right now I’m somewhere between “trust in the force” and “I have a bad feeling about this.”


So were about 40 minutes away and details are coming out already. Few things, you will be able to play as “Hero” characters similar to Battlefront 2 meaning as a perk for doing awesome you can respwn as Vader, Boba Fett or any number of other main characters.

Also the first 4 planets have been revealed for Multiplayer play Tattoine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust.

No space battles focusing on planetary battles.

Split-screen co-op (that’s unexpected and cool)

No Campaign but Co-op modes

There will be “Force Awakens” DLC for Free

The Battle of Jakkun (The desert planet in the trailer) Will only be visible in the game

Release date confirmed November 17th

Demo will be played on a PS4 and trailer will feature PS Branding


 Here we go!

Starting on Endor

Speeder bike Chase

“in engine” looks amazing but cut scene

Vader Shows up

Cutiting to scenes from other local and showing ships flying around (curious if this is just environmental)

Trailer ends with ships flying over Sullust and what appears to be a Impirial factory



Cool? I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought it would be more like a E3 style event with a trailer than maybe some gameplay footage. Game looks gorgeous and if they can maintain this level of fidelity graphically it will be awesome. The battle had the right feeling (for a trailer anyway) in that the scope was big and plenty of the right sound design and imagery flying around.

The Battlefront website updated shortly after the trailer with some more info

Ability to swap between 1st and 3rd person which is pretty cool.

“Engage in Epic Dog fights” So we will be able to pilot vehicles and star-ships just not in space battles. (Please DICE don’t make it as difficult as piloting things in Battlefield)

All in all it was great to get more info but I was hoping to see more than what was essentially a in-engine CGI trailer. I’m seeing a lot of negative reaction to the lack of a Campaign but for me it seems to fall in line with the campaign from previous BF games. None of the previous games had this deep story driven single payer campaign. i honestly wasn’t expecting one.

To wrap up I would rate my excitment slightly higher but this didn’t do as much for me as I hoped it would.



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