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Posted August 23, 2013 by Matt Sculthorpe in Comic Books

Let me preface this with I am a Superman loyalist. Even right now, in meager creative times, Superman is my favorite character. Now on with the article…

When Man of Steel 2 was announced shortly after Man of Steel, I was elated that there was going to be another Superman movie. Then at SDCC it was announced that Man of Steel 2 would be having Batman join the cast, my excited waned a bit. Not only would Bats be involved, but Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns would serve as some kind of influence, and I outright lost my excitement. I’m not a fan of the way Superman is treated in that particular story. Yes, I get what it is meant to represent, but I don’t like that Miller essentially turns Superman into a puppet and treats Batman as the defender of all that is right. It also doesn’t help my confidence that writer/producer David Goyer has gone on record calling the project Superman VS Batman. (In my perfect scenario, Superman and Batman team up to take down all that is wrong in the world.)

Then the casting rumors started rolling out. Word was that Warner Brothers was looking for an older actor. For someone to play a grizzled, veteran Batman, ready to impose his will on the freshly minted hero from Krypton. For me that meant they were going The Dark Knight Returns route. Not good. But then a fresh ray of sunlight burst through the haze of uncertainty. We got confirmation that a Batman was cast. He fit in with the “older” assessment, but not in any way I imagined. Then one, Ben Affleck, was announced to be taking up the cape and cowl and my excitement returned.

Affleck could play an older, more experienced Batman to Henry Cavill’s, still green, Superman. Now, Affleck isn’t ‘old’ in any sense of the word but he fits in to that battle hardened Bruce Wayne that isn’t going to tolerate anyone’s shenanigans. Also, I think he’ll be able to pull off Bruce Wayne extremely well, I mean look at him. Outside the character, Affleck is an accomplished actor, who fits in with the rest of the Man of Steel’s cast. In addition to his acting, his directing track record is near flawless and opens the possibility of him directing the next Batman film or even Justice League.

I can totally see Batfleck, coming to Metropolis to check out this “Superman,” as Bruce Wayne. He investigates Superman and there is some tension. We see Batman hold his own with a still inexperienced Superman.  Realizing what is at stake, they come together for the common good.  A world’s finest pairing in which Superman can learn from a veteran hero.

Get excited people!


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