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Death’s Gambit Review- A Frustrating Missed Opportunity

Developer: White Rabbit Publisher: Adult Swim Games Release date: August 14, 2018 Available on: PC, PS4 (reviewed) Metroidvania type games have been plentiful lately, with games like Chasm and Dead Cells hitting consoles and th...

We The GamerCast Episode 122: Chris Johnston

´╗┐ We the GamerCast is back! In Episode 122,┬áSean Capri has sweet hangs with Chris Johnston from Player One Podcast! The two nerds talk about writing for Fanzines, EGM, Mobile Games, Anime, and more. Follow Chris on the inter...

“Graaaaaaass… Tastes Bad!” Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality (PC/Vive) – DEBUFF

Danny sucks at spacefaring car repair, and Ethan isn’t really helping. He’s still eating grass though, so… there’s that.

“Look at that Plumbus Jiggle” Virtual Rick Ality (Vive) – DEBUFF

I could use this oppurtunity to write a Rick Sanchez-esque description and reference a bunch of jokes from the show buuuuuut I won’t. Because you all need a dose of the real world.

Top 10 Moments From Rick and Morty Season 2

9 Episodes, 9 EPSIDOES! It’s criminally unfair that Rick and Morty Season 2 only lasted 9 episodes. It is arguably my favorite show on TV right now and easily one of the best Sci-Fi shows going. Season 2 took the mix of h...