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Aliens: Dust to Dust Review

Written By: Gabriel Hardman Art By: Gabriel Hardman & Rain Beredo Published By: Dark Horse At this point, I’ve reviewed like three dozen Alien books over the years, perhaps more. I know the franchise inside and out, a...

Prometheus: Life and Death One Shot Review

Written by: Dan Abnett Art by: Brian Albert Thies Publisher: Dark Horse It’s weird. When I think back upon the Life and Death shared universe of Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, and Aliens vs Predator, all I can remember are the...

“Look at that Plumbus Jiggle” Virtual Rick Ality (Vive) – DEBUFF

I could use this oppurtunity to write a Rick Sanchez-esque description and reference a bunch of jokes from the show buuuuuut I won’t. Because you all need a dose of the real world.

Aliens: Defiance #10 Review

Written by: Brian Wood Art by: Stephen Thomson & Dan Jackson Publisher: Dark Horse So I said I wasn’t going to review issue #10 of Aliens: Defiance unless it did something truly amazing or truly awful. It did neither; how...

“GRBB THE HAMMER” Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PC) – DEBUFF

Hey man, I need to take a bathroom break. Can you watch my station for a while? …You’re not a death-hungry, world-ending psychopath, right? Okay, good.