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Review: Batman And Robin Annual #2

Batman and ____ is finally Batman and Robin again. This annual takes a look back at the very first adventure of Dick Grayson as Robin!


Batman #27 – Review

Dark City and Zero Year take a deep breath, full of character interaction and beautiful looking panels.

Son of Batman gets cover, release date

Just two days after the release of its first trailer, DC revealed the cover and the release date for Son of Batman, the next Batman animated flick. The adaptation of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Son story will arrive in DV...


Batman and Two Face # 27 Review

The execution of this revamped origin of this classic villain actually works quite well as Batman and Two Face continues.

Capullo and Snyder to Remain on Batman For Over 50 Issues

Were you worried that the stellar creative team that has spearheaded Batman since the start of The New 52 would be leaving the book at some point soon? Well, fear not! Not long ago, Greg Capullo, the series’ current artis...