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Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel receives a bold new relaunch that is sure to entice fans young and old. Solid characterization and gorgeous art make this a must read for any fan. Period.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Yes Men” Review

With all the action, suspense and drama this episode delivered, I can say that I think this show is finally coming into its own.


FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #8 Review

Simon Oliver and Robbi Redriguez deliver another great issue in the relentlessly good Federal Bureau of Physics.


Coffin Hill #6 Review

Caitlinn Kittregde and Inaki Miranda wrap up the first story arc in Coffin Hill with yet another great issue of the series.


Gateway #3 Review

Gateway picks up some pace in this latest issue, as Jake ventures into the unknown world he now inhabits. The first two issues were mostly explanatory, in the sense that their goal was to set up the overarching story that would...