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The Leg an Interview with Van Jensen

You may know him from The Flash, or Green Lantern Corps, but Van Jensen is also working on getting a indie comic out to the world via Kickstarter. We The Nerdy had the chance to talk to him about the project which you can check...

Penny Palabras and interview with James B. Willard

We got the chance to talk to James B. Willard about his upcoming Kickstarter project Penny Palabras, fun was had talking about this supernatural book. You can check out the book here, and don’t forget to get backing if yo...


Original Sin #1 Review

Original SIn #1 may not offer a lot in it's first issue, but it presents so much potential to be great.


2000 AD prog 1879 Review

New Judge Dredd arc and a sumptuous display of differing art styles telling tales scripted by legends in the game.


Serenity: Leaves in the Wind #4 Review

Again like the previous issues before it,  Zack Wheddon has mastered Serenity in the comic format. Tonally the characters are perfect, whether it is down to the brashness of Jayne, or the timid (I use that word lightly) nature...