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Five Weapons #6 Review

In a world where assassins are considered the upper class, Five Weapons returns from hiatus after a five issue mini-series from last year. It is nice to see it come back with a continued numbering structure and we get a number ...


Future Foundation #16 Review

A fitting sendoff to a fantastic comic.


Furious #1 Preview

A new superhero miniseries that looks at the pressures power and celebrity bring.


Velvet #3 Review

Velvet #3 sees our eponymous heroine smuggled into mainland Europe by her old friend Burke, who we learn, specializes in ‘making things vanish’. Writer Ed Brubaker hints at a deeper past relationship between Velvet ...


Dept Of Monsterology #4 Review

Dept Of Monsterology #4 is the final installment in what has been a throughly enjoyable and fresh wee series from new kids on the block Renegade Arts Entertainment. This final issue however, poses more questions than it has ans...