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Comics Dash #54: It’s About Black Lights and Cum

So Comics Dash got really Comics Dash this week, meaning it’s one of my favorites! Jean, Alex and myself chat up Black Friday shopping (don’t ask why), Code Lyoko, the new Nickelback album, nu metal, tipping cows, F...

Comics Dash #53: It’s About Wonder Woman

Basically exactly what the title is. It’s a spoilercast though, so if you haven’t seen the movie and want to, come back later.

Comics Dash #52: It’s About Food

Come one, come all, to hear Alex, Chad, and Jean-luc talk about cauliflower for like twenty goddamned minutes. I mean yeah, there mention Wonder Woman, Kill or Be Killed, Teen Titans, Romulus, and a few other books, but mostly ...

Comics Dash #51: It’s About Alien Covenant

Hello everyone! Sorry for being a day late and about thirty thousand dollars short, but #51 is here for your listening pleasure! We spend a good chunk of the episode having a spoiler-filled talk about Alien: Covenant, Chad saw ...

Comics Dash #47: It’s About Every DC Book

Sorry this is late I’m too lazy for show notes Poetry bitches