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Dr. Crowe #2 Review

Written By: Corey Fryia Art By: Bruno Letizia, Tony Gregori, Dann Franco Published By: 215 Ink I’m not entirely sure where to put Dr. Crowe #2 on any kind of genre map. I guess it’s an adventure book, but no one really goes...

Kickstarting Doctor Crowe: An interview with Corey Fryia

Doctor Crowe tells the tale of a hero taking on the horrific evils of London in a steampunk world. Writer Corey Fryia took the time to discuss his comic, which is now up for donations on Kickstarter. He tells us all about his c...


Drumheller #1 Review

Drumheller #1 is about as unique as they come. This debut issue is a little bit of mystery, comedy, horror, romance and everything in between.