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Marvel’s Netflix Series Will Tie Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Surprising absolutely zero people, Marvel has revealed that its Netflix shows will tie into the Cinematic Universe that they have already established. Seriously, is this even worthy of a news article? Well, it sort of is, becau...


Daredevil #1.5 – Review

A weak celebration


Daredevil #1 Review

Who knows the thought processes over at Marvel that decided a relaunch for this title was needed? I certainly don’t but hey, if a new #1 helps hook some new readers in to picking up what has been one of Marvel’s con...

NEW YORK BOUND: Marvel Studios to Film Netflix Series in the Big Apple

Marvel to film the entirety of their Netflix series' in the Big apple


Daredevil #35 Review

Daredevil seems ensnared by the nefarious Sons of the Serpent, who are using someone close to him as leverage.