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Babau Before Me: Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2 The gang continues into the demonic pit and finally discovers some clues as to what’s going on here. Oh, and demons. Plenty of demons.

Goin’ Stag

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 1 We’re finally back with some more Pathfinder adventure! In this episode we continue to explore the spooky demon pit and face some interesting foes. Now, onward, to adventure!   Subscribe

Game Night: So Much New

Max and I spent Friday evening gaming and we tried out some really fun new stuff that I’d love to share with you. First off, ┬áMax recently picked up D&D Conquest of Nerath, more or less D&D Risk.   There are...

Passing the Torch: A Look Back at 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

As you may already know, a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons is rolling out over the rest of this year. With the new version coming, I thought it might be nice to look back at the previous version, often known as 4e or 4th ed...

Desert Oysters

Pathfinder Session 6, Part 2 The party continues into The Voiceless Wastes and encounters a horrifying demonic pit. The bard also takes up a salesman role as he tries to offload his “desert oysters”. What are those?...