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Opening Credits

Pathfinder Session 6, Part 1 Well, we finally did it, we got to the real adventure! In this episode we spend some time with the townsfolk, learn some new things, and head east to The Voiceless Wastes. This spooky land is where ...

Witch-ay Woman

Pathfinder Session 5, Part 1 Once the rain finally stops, the party takes off for the woods. What sort of forest trickery will they encounter? Doesn’t a witch live out here? Was that the second stream or the first? Find o...

The Dawn of a New Age

It’s here, everyone! The time is finally at hand! The 5th coming is upon us! The new Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set has arrived! For the past year or so, myself and many like me have been a part of the D&D Next play...

It’s Raining Goblins

Pathfinder, Session 4, Part 2 We return to the last night of rain, but there’s a surprise in store for everyone. Thalia invents a new kind of stealth while Samuel learns that wet powder makes for bad bullets. Subscribe

Championship Belt

Pathfinder, Session 4, Part 1 In this session the party learns a lot about Hydra dens, crafting, and dealing with a 5 day rain storm. Plus we get some fancy new gear! Subscribe