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Mutant Football League Review

Developed by: Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC Published by: Digital Dreams Release Date: Oct 30, 2018 Reviewed for Switch The Madden series has dominated football games for over 20 years now; it’s tough to stand out in a...

31 Days of Horror: Day 7- Pyewacket

It’s Day 7 on our malevolent movie march, and we wrap up our first week of horror with the demonic thriller Pyewacket. A teen, Leah (Nicole Munoz), is struggling with dealing with her mother (Laurie Holden, who played And...

Attacking the Darkness

Pathfinder night 8, part 1 We have returned! After a long hiatus the episodes are flowing again. In this episode the party continues to explore the demonic outpost hidden in The Voiceless Wastes and find some fun surprises.

Babau Before Me: Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2 The gang continues into the demonic pit and finally discovers some clues as to what’s going on here. Oh, and demons. Plenty of demons.

Goin’ Stag

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 1 We’re finally back with some more Pathfinder adventure! In this episode we continue to explore the spooky demon pit and face some interesting foes. Now, onward, to adventure!   Subscribe