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Velvet #7 Review

Written by: Ed Brubaker Art by: Steve Epting & Elizabeth Breitweiser Publisher: Image This issue took a step back from the shocking conclusion of the last issue and revolved around those hunting Velvet, and Brubaker does an...

Velvet #6 Review

Written by: Ed Brubaker Art by: Steve Epting & Bettie Breitweiser Publisher: Image Another book returning from a brief hiatus this week, and hasn’t the wait been hard?! Velvet in 5 short issues has become one of Image’...


Velvet #5 Review

Velvet slows down the pace slightly for this issue, but Brubaker and Epting still deliver an excellently written and drawn piece of great spy drama.


Velvet #3 Review

Velvet #3 sees our eponymous heroine smuggled into mainland Europe by her old friend Burke, who we learn, specializes in ‘making things vanish’. Writer Ed Brubaker hints at a deeper past relationship between Velvet ...