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Gone Home Review

If you enjoy story-driven gaming experiences that challenge the norms of modern gaming, Gone Home is a brilliant gem that should not be missed.


Batman: Black and White #1 Review

Batman: Black and White #1 provides for an excellent first installment to this very welcomed return of the title.


The Flash 23.1: Grodd Review

Flash 23.1: Grodd is a great read for anyone who wants to learn more about one of The Flash’s biggest rogues or how Central City copes with disastrous events. With solid dialogue and an especially strong inner monologue to ke...

Guide to Purchasing Original Art and Commissions

This is a question that gets asked frequently on forums, websites, facebook groups etc so I thought I’d shed some light on the subject. The overall message is going to be though, do your research. I’ll start off wit...

Gamers react to Xbox One policy reversals

It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes Microsoft has made regarding its policies for the Xbox One. Not so long ago, you needed an internet connection just to play a game, you had to have the Kinect plugged in at all tim...