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Geek Chasers-Episode 22

On this episode of Geek Chasers, we talk about DVD’s (Now You See Me). Video Games (DOA5Ultimate, Diablo III, Raymen Legends). Comics (DC Villain Month, Batman Black & White, Danger Girl: The Chase, Baltimore Infernal...

Vlog-Labor Day!

A little vlog from Adrienne with Geek Chasers!  

Geek Chasers Episode 21- What’s with the big hand??

Here’s another episode of Geek Chasers where we talk about DVD Releases (The Great Gatsby, Pain & Gain). Video Games (Final Fantasy 14, Lost Planet 3). Comics (Itty Bitty Hellboy, American Vampire Anthology, Batman In...

Vlog-Loving ALL of the Enterprise!

Just an awesome Adrienne filled Vlog!  

Geek Chasers- Episode 20

In this episode of Geek Chasers, we cover the topics of Video Games (including Saints Row 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist). We also talk about Comics (including Batman Beyond Universe, KISS Kids). Finally ending with Special Events...