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“Ridin’ Solo” – GTA V (PC) DEBUFF

When the Ethan’s away, the Danny will play… Grand Theft Auto. He’ll play Grand Theft Auto.

“Ramp Buggy: The Rampenning” – GTA V (PC) DEBUFF

There are cars and ramps. And cars that are ramps. Whoa.

“Michael Douglas’s Magic Flying Car” GTA V (PC) – DEBUFF

Everybody loves Michael Douglas. Star of The American President, Basic Instinct, Falling Down and other hit movies. Sadly, he could not join us to play GTA today. But we got Michael, who’s middle name is Douglas, so it...

Los Santos: A Home Away from Home

Grand Theft Auto V is a work of absolute beauty— it is a solid, perfectly crafted game that is not only insanely fun to play, it has a world so alive and so massive that without even following the immersive story, you can los...

The Dilemma with Female Leads

Me: “Want to hear a joke?”   Wife: “Sure?”   Me: “Woman’s rights.” (cue playful laugh)   This is a joke that I said just a few weeks ago. I’m aware that this isn’t a clever joke and it can be of...